Athens Marathon invites the world to support Greece

The Athens Marathon will continue to go ahead as planned on 8 November although an elite field won't be invited due to costs

The “Athens Marathon. The Authentic” will still go ahead this autumn albeit in a slightly different form to normal on 8 November.

In the light of the economic challenges facing the country and its people, the Hellenic Athletics Federation (SEGAS) has decided to forego inviting an elite field in the marathon in order to concentrate on a race for mass runners, including the 5km and 10 km road races which complete the day’s programme.

Parts of the money saved will be used to further improve services and entertainment for the mass runners.

A record number of 16,000-plus runners are expected to take to the classic course from the town of Marathon to the 1896 Olympic Stadium in the heart of Athens which was the route used for the 1997 World Championships and 2004 Olympic Games.

In total 43,000 runners are expected to take part in all the running events on offer.


With this gesture, the organisers invite runners from around the world to run the Athens Marathon in solidarity with the Greek people at this testing time. Online entry for the marathon race is still available on the website at www.athensauthenticmarathon.gr.


The ninth edition of the AIMS Marathon Symposium will also take place on the same weekend with the main theme being: “Doping Threats in Long Distance Running”. Among the speakers there will be prominent specialists from AIMS, IAAF and WADA as well as marathon organisers and coaches.

The third edition of the AIMS Best Marathon Runner Awards Gala will take place in Athens as well. The winner of the world titles in Beijing later this month, the holders of the fastest times of the year, plus possible world record breakers in the marathon and half marathon are expected to be among the candidates for this prestigious award.

Last year’s awards were scooped up by recently crowned world marathon record-holder Dennis Kimetto and team-mate Florence Kiplagat who broke the world half marathon record in Barcelona at the start of the year.



Following the quite impressive respond of the Greek running community to the call of SEGAS for the 5km & 10km Road Races of this year’s Athens Marathon event (to  be held on 08 November 2015), which resulted in the conclusion of the INDIVIDUAL registrations in just two days, SEGAS, wishing to satisfy the request for one more opportunity in order to participate as individual in the largest mass and sport event of THE county, announces today the staging of a second 5km Road Race within the framework of the “2015 Athens Marathon, the Authentic”.

This second 5km Road Race is a creative and original initiative of SEGAS, so that the INDIVIDUAL participation in the popular 5km Road Race is enlarged. The new 5km Road Race will be held on the same course as the morning 5km Road Race, but it will be held in the afternoon of 08 November 2015 and more specifically from 16.00 to 17.30.

The INDIVIDUAL participation limit for the “5km Road Race – Afternoon” has been set at 4,000 runners and it is anticipated to be met quite soon. It should be noted that, as an exception in the individual participation rule in the “5km Road Race – Afternoon”, only school teams that have been registered or will register in the event will run the “5km Road Race – Afternoon”.

Registrations for the “5km Road Race – Afternoon” will open on Tuesday 28 July noon. The cost of the registration fee for the “5km Road Race – Afternoon” is the same as the registration fee for the morning 5km Road Race, while the same level of services will be provided to all runners of both races. At this point, we would like to make clear to all those interested in registering for the “5km Road Race – Afternoon” that there is no possibility at all of transferring their registration over to the morning race.

We are confident that the Greek runners will embrace this new race with the same passion that they have shown for the rest of the Athens Marathon event races, and on the ground, we invite all those that would like to participate to immediately register for the “5km Road Race – Afternoon”, as we are sure that registration for the “5km Road Race – Afternoon” will also close within a few days after opening.



The Hellenic Athletics Federation (SEGAS) will all respect towards the thousands of runners from all over the world who have shown confidence to its credibility and the provided level of services that characterize all of its events, as well as with sense of responsibility towards this major international, sport, as well as cultural event of Greece, wishes to make clear to everyone that the 2015 “ATHENS MARATHON. THE AUTHENTIC” will be held in all cases, as already scheduled on Sunday 08 November 2015.

Taking under consideration the significant increase of registrations so far, It is our strong belief that the number of participants in this year’s Marathon Race will be higher than ever before. We feel the need to point out the moving interest shown by runners around the world, who not only keep confirming their intention to be in Athens and participate in this year’s event, but are continuously expressing their support to Greece. The thousands of runners from abroad, who have already registered or keep registering the last days, state that now they have one more reason to be in Athens in November; their eager to prove their support and confidence towards a country that has been suffering an unprecedented crisis. The message we received from a runner saying “If this is a little bit of a contribution to help the people and nation of Hellas in a time of European turmoil, I will be very happy to be there” is typical of the way the entire running community feels.

SEGAS is committing that all possible efforts will be made so we organize and present a perfect, at all aspects, event, without any discount as to the level of services and competition standards, highlighting the values and ideals not only of world sport, but those of the willingness and “soul” of Greek people.








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