The Athens Marathon, the Authentic Marathon, is not just a sporting event, a hard race, a tough course of 42,195m. More than that, the Athens Marathon, the Authentic Marathon, is a bridge that unifies the legend with history; it showcases the strength of human will; it is a fountain of values, of social liability, environmental sensitivity, friendship and solidarity.

In 2016, we are celebrating the 34th anniversary of the Athens Marathon, the Authentic Marathon, and we hope that our strong efforts along with your presence and participation in the race will turn this year's event into a milestone for the years to come.
We are looking forward to seeing you at the Panathinaikon Stadium on 13 November 2016!

Kostas Panagopoulos, SEGAS President

The Panathenaic Stadium is located on the site of an ancient stadium and for many centuries hosted games in which nude male athletes competed (gymnikoi agones) in track events, athletics championships as we would call them today. The games, which since antiquity had been held in an area far from the city, were included in the programme of the Panathenaia festival celebrations in 566/565 BC.

Among all the Olympic sport events, the Marathon Race stands out as it was born by a true historic and heroic event.

It was a true triumph accomplished by a news-bearing foot soldier from ancient Athens, who announced - with his last words - the victory of the Greeks against the Persians during the Marathon Battle in 490 BC.

Every 2nd Sunday of November in Athens, it is taking place the biggest, if not the biggest, sport, cultural, and tourism event in terms of status, equity, social contributions, media attention, and governmental support: Athens Marathon. The Authentic (AMA).

More than 43.000 runners and 80.000 spectators participated and visited our Races and Parallel Events of Athens Marathon. The Authentic 2015!