Since 2009, ATHENS MARATHON has launched a new Charity and Social Liability Program, which totally comports with the character of the event.

The Athens Marathon Charity Program is addressed to the Non-Governmental Organizations (Charity Organizations) which choose to actively participate in the parallel event and races of the Athens Marathon. This program offers the involved charities organization the opportunity to use the actual event and their participation in it as a mean to sensitize the Greek and international runners on their scope and at the same time collect money for the realization of their goals and aims.

10 Years of Actions to protect the environment and support sustainable develpment

The 33rd "Athens Marathon. The Authentic", has been  a milestone regarding the implementation of good practices that respect the environment and support sustainable development. It is a tangible example of applying the AIMS “green guidelines”. In 2015, this unique sporting event celebrated the 10 years of its Environmental Program . This coincided with the endorsement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.