IT IS OFFICIAL! Mark your calendar for the big day! 

It is with great pleasure that SEGAS (Hellenic Athletics Federation) announces the opening of the 35th Athens Marathon Official Registration Period on Monday 10 April 2017, at 16.00 sharp, local afternoon time (UTC/GMT +2). The 2017 Athens Marathon will take place on Sunday 12 November, 2017. 

Following the grand success and participation record during last year’s event, the available entries, mainly for the 10km & 5km Road Races will be sold out within few hours!

The “ATHENS MARATHON. THE AUTHENTIC” is a unique international event that captures the sport and cultural heritage of Greece; a celebration of human will and strength, a celebration of solidarity, a race that bears messages of a better future on personal, local, national and world level. This year, we have advanced the registration limit for the Marathon Race (42,195km at the Authentic Route) to 19,000 participants, thus, giving the opportunity for another entries record of 53,000 runners in total!! 

Athens attracts the attention of the world running community with the staging of the 34th Athens Marathon on the authentic course of 42,195 meters from Marathon to the Panathinaic Stadium. A course hard, demanding, exhausting but yet unique for every participant and spectator.

The new Premium Registration & Hospitality Program 2016 (PRHP) exclusively designed for runners and companions. Book now or Upgrade your Registration

For the very first time in all years of the Athens Marathon event, a comprehensive premium registration and hospitality program has been developed, addressed to runners travelling to Athens from all around the world, their companions and children.

An insider’s view of Athens with the Premium Registration & Hospitality Program 2016

Every year, there has been a steady increase of runners arriving from all corners of the globe. It became apparent that the runners coming to Athens from abroad in order to participate in the Athens Marathon event were interested in the total experience of their visit that will allow them to get acquainted with Greek history, culture and natural beauties of Greece.  SEGAS believes it is vital that these runners are offered a total running and traveling experience.

An amazing response by runners who wish to participate in the greatest running event of Greece was witnessed on Monday 4 April. Registrations for the 10km & 5km Morning Road Races closed only a few hours after opening and eight months before the Athens Marathon event to be held on 13 November 2016

Online registrations became available on Monday 4April at 12.00 noon and mainly closed 5 hours later for the 10km Road Race and 10 hours later for the 5km Morning Road Race.  Currently a limited number of entries in these two races is still available, mainly for runners travelling to Greece from abroad.

Registrations for the 5km Afternoon Road Race are still going on.

The impressive reaction of Greek runners proves the great development of the running movement in Greece as well as the credibility and high standards that SEGAS has applied in its events.

The main concern of the Hellenic Athletics Federation are safety, credibility, quality and respect towards this unique sport, cultural and historic event.

A special “Thank You!”


The 34th "Athens Marathon. The Authentic" marks 120 years from the first contemporary Marathon race, an athletic event inspired by the ancient course of the legendary Athenian hoplite hemerodromos after the Battle of Marathon. In the spring of 1896, during the first modern Olympics, athletes from five countries lined up at the starting line on the bridge of Marathon in order to cover the distance to the Panathenaic Stadium on a dirt path. The race was won by Greek athlete Spyros Louis, whose historic victory stands as a symbol of tireless effort, stamina as well as the breaking of physical and mental barriers. Key to the race was also the presence of Greek runner Charilaos Vasilakos, who won the second place. Louis and Vasilakos, the two Greek runners, became the first two Olympic victors in the history of the Marathon race. This race, which was launched during the inaugural Olympic Games of the modern era, became one of the most popular athletic events all over the world, with millions of participants and supporters.

This year also marks 70 years from 1946, when leading Greek runner Stelios Kyriakides won the Boston Marathon, achieving one of

The Official Registration Period for the 2016 ATHENS MARATHON opens on 4 April 2016. Registrations will automatically close once the participation limit per race is met. The maximum participation limit for the Marathon Race has been set to 18,000 entrants, while the registration limit for the 10km and 5km Morning Road Race has been set to 9,000 per race. As to the new “entry” in the event’s competition schedule, the 5km Afternoon Road Race, it has a maximum limit of 6,000 entries.

Those to successfully register before 30 August 2016 will receive a personalized bib number, with their name printed on the given bib number.

The Full Registration Level, for those to register in this year’s event and will run the 2016 Athens Marathon, includes

It is with great pleasure that SEGAS (Hellenic Athletics Federation) announces the opening of the 2016 Athens Marathon Official Registration Period on Monday 4 April 2016, at 12.00 noon. The available entries mainly for the 10km and 5km (morning & afternoon) Road Races will be sold out within few hours!

Anyone who would like to be present in this unique international event, to be held on 13 November 2016 and in which more than 50,000 runners will participate, is invited to act fast and register in time as it is absolutely certain that registrations will close very soon! Get Ready and reserve a spot in the race of your choice so that you are not one of those to be left out.

Registration for the 34th Athens Authentic Marathon will open in April.