Athens attracts the attention of the world running community with the staging of the 34th Athens Marathon on the authentic course of 42,195 meters from Marathon to the Panathinaic Stadium. A course hard, demanding, exhausting but yet unique for every participant and spectator.

Beyond the purely competition part of it, the Athens Marathon Race as well as the 10km & 5km Road Race are a real celebration in which all may participate in their way, encouraging the runners, singing, dancing, playing music. The previous years we were pleased to “welcome” a large number of musicians and bands – amateur and not – playing rock, jazz or traditional music, dance groups and others that “obliged” with their energy even the runners to make a stop and take a photo with them!! And all these were offered voluntarily, as they only aimed at helping us create an even better image of our Marathon Race

The “Music Paths”, as we have named this initiative, give a special color to the Athens Marathon event, supporting the runners by gathering around them supporters and spectators.

On that ground, the 34th Athens Marathon invites you to join as well this year’s event, which has already reached a participation record, and during which we are also celebrating the 120 years anniversary from the first Modern Olympic Games and the first Marathon Race of 1896. Take your band and join us along the Authentic Course and in the city centre of Athens at two specific points that we will indicate to you, and where we will provided you audio equipment for one band.

In order to do all that in the proper way, you may contact the person in charge of this project, Dimitris Kondylis at 2109657947 και 6973032425.

On behalf of SEGAS and the Athens Marathon Organizing Committee we sincerely thank in advance for your kind cooperation.