As part of the planning of the "Athens Marathon. The Authentic 2022", scheduled to take place on 12 & 13 November 2022, the new Health Protocol is announced in accordance with the latest provisions of the EODY and the General Secretariat of Sports.

The Health Protocol includes all the rules of the event, the health protection measures and the procedures to be followed during the event and within the framework of the event. To the extent deemed necessary and evaluating the situation that will gradually take shape in our country in the next period and until the race is held, the present will be updated according to the instructions and recommendations of the expert scientists-associates of SEGAS, based on the epidemiological data and the suggestions of the Health Committee of General Secretariat of Sport.(GGA).


The "Athens Marathon. The Authentic 2022" with co-organizers the Region of Attica, the Municipalities of Athens and Marathonas and the Hellenic Olympic Committee includes the Marathon Rac, the 5km and 10km Road Races, as well as the 1,2km Kids' Race.

In the races of the Athens Marathon 2022, registration & participation is allowed for runners with a valid COVID-19 Certificate until the day of the race. More specifically:

Participation after showing a Certificate of vaccination or COVID-19 recovery in 95% of the participants or
Participation after showing a negative COVID-19 diagnostic test (72-hour PCR test or 48-hour Rapid test) in 5% of the participants.

Please note that the validity of the certificate depends on scientific data and is determined by those responsible for verification in accordance with national rules. When new scientific data emerge, the validity periods of the certificate for the exemption from the current public health requirements may be adjusted.


Runners’ Center

For the purposes of the "Athens Marathon. The Authentic 2022", all participants are invited to come to the Runners' Service Centre in order to receive their race number and participation material. The Runners' Center of the event will be hosted at the Faliro Indoor Gym (Faliro Olympic Complex) from 9 to 12 November 2022.

The Runners’ Center will be staffed by the necessary personnel and additional volunteer staff for the proper service of the runners.

In order to serve all registered runners in the event, the Runners’ Center will operate according to the following rules:

The entry of registered runners and visitors to the Runners' Centre will be possible only after verification of the validity of COVID-19 Certificates, through a certificate verification application by the organization's staff.

There will be staff at the entrance of the Service Centre to monitor the flow of visitors and temporarily stop the entrance in case the maximum number of visitors is already inside the Runners' Centre, in accordance with the public health measures that will be in force in November 2022. It is estimated that the time for each participant-visitor to stay inside the indoor area will be between 10 minutes and 20 minutes.

Participating runners and visitors will be required to wear a protective mask, applying the latest EODY guidelines, during their stay at the Runners’ Centre.

The receipt of the race material will be possible only upon presentation of the following documents of the registered runner or copies thereof: a) identity card or passport (or other official identification documents), b) email of the organization with the bib number and c) valid COVID-19 Certificate of the runner, which must be valid until the day of the race.

The collection of bib numbers and race material from the runners will be done at the material distribution stations. The distribution stations will be at least 1.5m apart, 1.5m to the right and left and at least .6m when facing each other.

It will be recommended that, at each delivery station, runners waiting to be served to maintain a distance of at least 1.5m between them.

In all areas of the Runners' Centre (inside and outside) there will be signage reminding visitors of the hygiene rules they must observe, as well as the need to observe the physical distance rule and the organization's instructions. 

Hygiene Regulations 

Volunteers, paid staff and associates who will be in the area of the Runners’ Centre will wear a protective mask and their hands will be frequently disinfected with antiseptic liquid for as long as they are present in these areas.

Antiseptic will be available at each distribution and service station for both volunteers/employees/collaborators and participants/visitors.

The area of the Runners' Centre will be cleaned at regular intervals during the day and at the end of the day. The disinfection/cleaning of the premises and equipment will be carried out in accordance with the EODY instructions for cleaning/disinfection of non-health premises.

A specific indoor area will be identified that will be located at a distance from the other areas used by the organisation, which will be used in the event of a suspected outbreak either among volunteers/employees/collaborators or among participating runners/visitors.

There will be health personnel at the site, who will also be responsible for the operation of the above isolation area. The use of a double mask or a high respiratory protection mask will be mandatory in the indoor suspected outbreak isolation room.

For case management in participants, technical or volunteer staff, the EODY guidelines for the general population are followed.


For the purposes of the "Athens Marathon. The Authentic 2022" is given the opportunity to operate an exhibition with booths in areas of the Runners' Centre (EXPO).

EXPO will operate on the same days as the Runners' Centre of the event. The operation of EXPO is governed by the regulations of the Greek State and will be in accordance with the EODY guidelines for the organization of exhibitions that will be in force in November 2022.

The placement of booths will take into account all rules and guidelines for maintaining physical distances, while a specific one-way flow will be determined in order to limit contacts and avoid any confusion. 


◊ Before the Start  

The arrival of the participants at the venue of the race will take place from all peripheral METRO stations, with specific instructions, and recommendations and at specific times depending on their participation race, in order to avoid overcrowding.

Recommendation to all participating runners to wear a protective mask from their arrival at the race venue until the start of the race and keep a distance of 1.5m according to the instructions of the EODY. For the disposal of the protective mask, there will be a large number of waste bins at appropriate points upon reaching the starting block.

The delivery of the participants' clothes (in special bags that the organization will provide to the participants) will take place in different places based on the arrival time of the runners at the starting area of each race and the starting block that they have placed.

It is recommended that runners warm up individually in the areas behind the start, avoiding running in groups and avoiding places where there is overcrowding between runners or escorts.

Runners are advised not to have any accompanying persons - spectators with them when they arrive and stay at the race venues. 

◊ Positioning at Startup - Startup Procedure  

For the races of the event a maximum number of participants has been set as follows:

→ Marathon Race: 15,000 participants
→ 5km Road Race: 15,000 participants

→ 10km Road Race : 12,000 participants

1.2km Kids' Race: 900 Participants

The runners of the event will be distributed in different starting blocks, each of which will have a capacity of 1,200sqm and will include approximately 1500 runners.

Each block will be about 100m long in order to allow the runners to have a natural safety distance between them. Note that the width of each block is 12m.

The runners start in succession, maintaining the pre-existing distances between them in each direction. Runners shall start in such a way as to ensure a continuous flow of runners.

Runners are allocated to the starting blocks (without the possibility of arbitrary change) based on their performance, thus ensuring a uniform pace of movement in each block, resulting in less overtaking of runners throughout the race and less crowding between runners.

The distance from the end of one block to the beginning of the next is set at 6-8m.

The start delay between blocks can be up to 10 minutes, so that there is a controlled continuous flow of runners, both on the course and at the finish. To the time required to clear the starting block, add the time required to place the runners of the next block in the mandatory waiting positions for the next start and an additional time of 3-4 minutes.

For a distance of at least 200m - 300m after the start, there will be a flow indication to indicate to the runners the course to follow and the distances they are recommended to keep.

Simultaneous start, without observing the physical safety distance between athletes, will be applied only for the start of the Panhellenic Marathon Race Championship, organized by the SEGAS within the framework of the event. In order for an athlete to be eligible to participate in the Panhellenic Championship, in addition to all the requirements and procedures set out in the relevant Notice of the Panhellenic Championship and the Sports ID Card, the athlete must present a COVID-19 Certificate (as described in the "Event Details"), which will be valid up to the day of the race, as well as an updated health card.

Attention!!: If an athlete has become ill with symptoms of COVID-19, the health card must be updated after the illness.

The management of a case between athletes (with a sports membership card) and close contacts will be managed in accordance with the relevant protocol of the General Secretariat of Sport.

◊ During the Race 

During the race it is recommended that runners maintain as long distances as possible and adjust to the following:

✓ Runners in close proximity are only safe when a safe distance is maintained between runners in all directions.

✓ Running runners in groups with a distance shorter than that specified in the guidelines of the EODY and GGA should be avoided.

◊ Finish and After the Finish  

After the finish, runners will receive their bottled water, soft drink, isotonic drink and race finish medal from the special food and medal stations. Volunteers staffing the designated food and medal stations supervise the distribution of the products and medals to the runners by placing them on a table from which the runner receives them, without direct physical contact with the volunteer

Runners are asked to disinfect their hands with antiseptic solution provided at the venue.

The Award Ceremonies for the first three winners of the race will be held in full compliance with the rules of physical distance, limitation of contact and with the presence of the participating winners only.

All spectators and accompanying persons attending the venue will move exclusively outside the railings placed to the right and left of the street. With continuous announcements via loudspeakers, and with the encouragement of volunteers and event staff, spectators will be advised to observe the physical distances and the rules of the event.

The travel of participants, volunteers, employees, judges and collaborators for the purposes of the event both before and after the race will be carried out in accordance with the EODY Health Protocol concerning travel and will be in force in November 2022. Where event vehicles are used, it is stipulated that occupants must wear a double mask or high respiratory protection mask.


All employees, volunteers, adjudicates and associates who will be employed on the day of the race will be fully trained and educated regarding the procedures and regulations of the event.

All personnel participating in supporting the event will have a valid COVID-19 Certificate (vaccination, recovery or negative diagnostic test certificate) by the day of the race.

All employees, volunteers, adjudicates and associates will wear a protective mask and water station volunteers will wear disposable gloves and disinfect their hands throughout their time at the event. The protective mask and gloves will be changed regularly, according to EODY guidelines, and disinfectant liquid will be available at all tables.

Waste bins for the disposal of masks and gloves will be available in all areas.

There will be strict entry control in the support areas of the event on the day of the race and always with the presentation of the relevant credentials. The number of people allowed in these areas will be proportional to the square metres of the area in question, and subject to physical distance.

Between the support areas of the event and within the medical and care areas, a special isolation area will be provided in case of a suspected case (one or more) either among the participants or among the volunteers, employees, adjudicates and collaborators of the event. The use of a double mask or a high respiratory protection mask will be mandatory in the confined isolation area in case of a suspected case.

For case management in participants, technical or volunteer staff, the guidelines of the EODY for the general population are followed.

The support areas will be cleaned at regular intervals throughout the race day and will have been extensively disinfected prior to use. The disinfection/cleaning of the areas and equipment will be carried out in accordance with the EODY guidelines for the cleaning and disinfection of non-sanitary areas.