Marathon is not just one of the most famous toponyms around the world, but also a city worth visiting and admiring for its natural beauty and enchanting atmosphere.
Built on the northeast coast of Attica, just 40 km away from Athens, Marathon has become a very attractive destination for visitors, as it is only twenty minutes away from Athens International Airport and just ten minutes away from the port of Rafina, a port that connects the Greek capital with the cosmopolitan Aegean islands.

Since January 1st, 2011 the Municipality of Marathon consists of four departments: Marathon, Nea Makri, Grammatiko and Varnavas.

It is the fifth largest municipality of Attica in terms of land area (total area of 22.17 thousand hectares) and has one of the most impressive, both in beauty and size, coastlines of the country, with a  length of 38 km!

It is also one of the few areas of Attica, which combines the blue sea and the green of the mountains (as it is located at the foothills of Mount Penteli and bordered by the Gulf of Evia). That renders Marathon very attractive for visitors, not only in summer but in  winter also.

The municipality is Marathon has 28,000 residents.