The 34th Athens Marathon. The Authentic, has been  a milestone regarding the implementation of good practices that respect the environment and support sustainable development. It is a tangible example of applying the AIMS “green guidelines”.

In 2016, this unique sporting event celebrated the 10 years of its Environmental Program . This coincided with the endorsement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

SEGAS, in cooperation with the ngo/npo INSTITUTE TEAM FOR THE WORLD ENVIRONMENTAL ALLIANCE 2004+ and “GLOBAL CHALLENGES sustainability advisors” having the active contribution of  the volunteers, runners, spectators and sponsors, has made the Athens Marathon the Authentic an environment friendly exemplary event for the international running movement.

The positive results of a vision that started in 2005 were recently acknowledged . The Athens Marathon Environmental Program has been awarded with the ENVIRONMENTAL AWARDS 2015  bronze distinction highlighting the reduction of the environmental footprint of the event and its contribution to the environmental awareness raising.

Through its voluntary recycling scheme, supported by  Coca-Cola Hellas and Coca Cola 3E  in the frame of their social corporate responsibility  as well as with the innovative t  emissions offsetting project of the runners supported during the last years by  Coca-Cola Hellas, the Athens Authentic Marathon is raising environmental awareness amongst the running movement, being one the “greenest” running events worldwide.

Actually, The Voluntary Emissions offsetting program has been also acknowledged internationally as it is included in the actions promoted by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change initiative CLIMATENEUTRALNOW (www.climateneutralnow.org).

It is worthwhile mentioning some facts and figures about the Marathon’s environmental program throughout the 10 years of its existence:

• More than 1 million plastic bottles have been collected and forwarded to recycling plants

• 22 tons of plastic got the chance to a “second life” after the sorting an recycling of the plastic bottles runners used.

• Approximately 5000 international participants have offset the unavoidable emissions of their flights in order to run the Athens Marathon

• More than 2500 tons of CO2 equivalent were offset , thus contributing to the international effort against climate change and to the financing of international climate protection projects.

This year in the frame of the 35th Athens Marathon the Authentic, besides the voluntary recycling scheme, the sports shoes collection and reuse program under the title “LET THEM RUN AGAIN FOR A GOOD CAUSE” continues , along with our clothing collection program . These two actions bearing both social and environmental aspect are contributing to the relief of the humanitarian crisis in a tangible way. 

For more information please visit : www.athensauthenticmarathon-green.org 

Team for the World is an environmental non-governmental organization, non-for-profit, established in 2005, in Athens .
It operates locally in Greece and internationally, focusing in strengthening the link between sport and the environment, while undertaking several activities in the field of sustainable development, climate change awareness-raising andthe improvement of the quality of life with the adoption of environment friendly practices.