The new Premium Registration & Hospitality Program 2016 (PRHP) exclusively designed for runners and companions. Book now or Upgrade your Registration

For the very first time in all years of the Athens Marathon event, a comprehensive premium registration and hospitality program has been developed, addressed to runners travelling to Athens from all around the world, their companions and children.

An insider’s view of Athens with the Premium Registration & Hospitality Program 2016

Every year, there has been a steady increase of runners arriving from all corners of the globe. It became apparent that the runners coming to Athens from abroad in order to participate in the Athens Marathon event were interested in the total experience of their visit that will allow them to get acquainted with Greek history, culture and natural beauties of Greece.  SEGAS believes it is vital that these runners are offered a total running and traveling experience.

On that ground, the Hellenic Athletics Federation (SEGAS) has accepted the proposal of BOND Events, which is specialized on offering such personalized and complete services, for a Premium Registration & Hospitality Program 2016 (PRHP) that will enhance the image and status of the Athens Marathon.

While creating an insider’s view of Athens and the surrounding region, the Premium Registration & Hospitality Program 2016 takes the visitor quite a few steps further into the contemporary and ancient Greek cultures, the Greek gastronomy through thematic dinners, private tours to archaeological sites and museums, wine tastings and exciting ventures.

Take your place in Marathon History

Whether you are a first-time Marathon runner or a regular at every Athens Marathon event, the Premium Registration & Hospitality Program 2016 (PRHP) was designed for runners taking part in any of the following four races: Marathon Race, 10km Road Race, 5km Road Race Morning , and Power Walking.

Τhe Premium Registration and Hospitality Program 2016 (PRHP) is consisted of three packages according to the last of your sty in Athens.

All three packages of the Premium Registration & Hospitality Program 2016 (PRHP) include runner privileges, leisure activities, preferred accommodation and transportation, such as shuttle bus service and airport transfers, and are as follows:

Athena, 9 – 14 November

Zeus, 10-14 November

Hermes, 11-14 November

For those who decide to extend their time in Greece, beyond 14 November, BOND events offers the possibility of a wonderful full day tour of the north east Peloponnese. A popular region that combines a stunning landscape, world class archeological sites, wineries, and great food.

Upgrade your registration now!

The already registered runners of the Athens Marathon 2016, can upgrade their standard registration to the Premium Registration & Hospitality Program (PRHP). For further information concerning your registration upgrade to PRHP, you may send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Premium Registration & Hospitality Program 2016 is available on-line for runners and their companions at