Just 48 hours after the opening of registrations for the 5km & 10km Road Races of the 2015 ATHENS MARATHON event, registrations closed as the maximum participation limit was met. This is something amazing for the sport community in Greece and the Greek society. Within two days, more than 3,800 individual runners visited the ATHENS MARATHON website and submitted their registration for the 5km & 10km Road Races of the event.

SEGAS and the Athens Marathon Organizing Committee would like to sincerely thank the runners and the Greek citizens that responded to its invitation and hurried to register for the unique 2015 Athens Marathon event. In case of any cancellations and new entries becoming available, SEGAS will announce the relevant availability at a later stage.

It should be noted that this huge interest on behalf of the Greek and international running community is not restricted in the 5km & 10km Road Races but it is more than evident in the main race of the event, the Marathon Race of 42,195m, for which more than 6,000 entries are already given away within three weeks after registrations’ opening. This number stands to an increase of more than 300% related to the same time last year. The interest shown by runners from abroad is more than impressive, as more than 2,000 runners from abroad have already registered for the Marathon Race.

More than 40,000 runners will participate in the 2015 Athens Marathon event. This is not just a participation record but the ultimate participation limit. SEGAS, supported by several public organizations and its sponsors, keeps leading the Athens Marathon to a significant place among the top Marathon Races of the world not only with regard to the level of services offered but with regard to the number of participants as well.

On this occasion, SEGAS would like to remind to all runners that registrations for the Athens Half Marathon to be held on 03 May 2015 are still in

progress, reaching the end, as the participation limit of the 5km Road Race will be met quite soon, while about 5,000 runners have already registered in the Half Marathon Race. The Athens Half Marathon is a unique city celebration, a change for family and friends’ competition on the main streets of Athens. We wish to invite all runners to participate in this year’s Athens Half Marathon event and fill Athens with warm smiles and high spirit.


On the other hand, and apart from the Athens Half Marathon, registrations for the Run Greece events in Herakleio, Ioannina and Kastoria are still in progress, after a successful Run Greece even in the city of Larissa. The participation in these races is also increasing year after year and city after city. More than 3,500 runners registered for the Run Greece event in Larissa on 29 March 2015, while 4,000 runners will participate the relevant event in Herakleio on 26 April 2015. Visit our website www.run-greece.gr and register in the Run Greece series, joining the largest event of your city for 2015 and getting acquainted with the beautiful cities of Greece.