With the slogan “Let them run again” the recycling running shoes program inaugurated in 2013 will be run again this year in cooperation with the organization “Institute – Team for the World – Environmental Alliance 2004+” and GLOBAL CHALLENGES. Runners as well as anyone else will have the opportunity to give their old and used running shoes to people and families in need of them.

Last year, when this program was launched for the first time, more than 300 pairs of running shoes were gathered. This year we expect even more.

So, bring your old – in good condition – running shoes at ERGO MARATHON EXPO that will be held at the Indoor Hall TAEK WON DO at Faliro from Thursday 6 November to Saturday 8 November and let them run again…

Furthermore, this year, the Athens Marathon Organizing is launching a program collecting and offering to various charities the Marathon runners’ clothes that will be left beside.

Clothing of any kind, sport or not, that will be left beside by the runners and will be collected at the Marathon Start area on Sunday morning, will be given to people and families in need.