More than 2,000 volunteers, a unique number for the Athens Marathon event and not only, are ready to “run” their own race during the 32nd “ATHENS MARATHON. THE AUTHENTIC”.

And this number could be even bigger if the needs of the organization were not met long before the conclusion of the Volunteers’ registration period. Indicatively we mention that last year (in 2013) 1,950 volunteers had offered their services in the event, while in 2012 the relevant number was 1,800 and in 2011 1,700.

Out of the total number of this year’s volunteers, 1,280 are men and 900 women while they come not only from Greece but from various countries around Europe, Asia and America as well.

With the older being 86 years old and the younger 12, this mighty team of the Athens Marathon has won one of the most necessary presences of the historical race. A lot of them play quite important roles during the event contributing decisively in its success.

A big part of the volunteers’ team consists of rescue teams while there are a lot of schools that contribute massively to the Marathon’s organization for many years.


All together constitute the most compact and valuable piece of the puzzle that form the 32nd Athens Marathon, working often under adverse conditions and with sole reward their contribution to this great sport celebration, the greatest celebration of Athens.


A special reference to them nominally is the less possible acknowledgement of the significant and very important work they accomplish.

Rescue Teams

1.       Greek Red Cross

2.       Volunteer Rescue Crisis Team (EDOK)

3.       RSF Hellas

4.       Volunteer Fire Brigade of Nea Makri

5.       Select group of Special Operations of Markopoulo-Kouvaras

6.       Lifeguard Hellas

Other Important Teams

1.       Radio Amateurs

2.       Hellenic Army

3.      Environmental  Institute “Team for the World”

4.       Greek  Reflexologists Corporation

Schools and other Teams from the area of Education

1.       Continuers Volunteers

2.       Ethelousioi Volunteers

3.       Philadelphia Volunteers Association

4.       Civil Olympic Village Protection

5.       1st Highschool of Avlonas

6.       Highschool of Kalamos

7.       3rd Highschool of Gerakas

8.       Standard Experimental Highschool of Agioi Anargiroi

9.       Kostea Geitona School

10.   International School of Athens (ISA)

11.   1st SEP  of Filothei

12.   1st SEP of Pallini

13.   1st SEP of Argos

14.   Greek Guiding Association of Rafina