November 9th 2014. The entire world will have its eyes on Athens and the 32rd Athens Marathon, on the original course of 42,195m from Marathonas to the Panathinaikon Stadium. A tough and at the same time unique race; an event of great national and international importance.

The participating runners from all over the world are asked to try their best, reaching in many cases the ultimate of their human will and resources. But this is what makes the Athens Marathon so unique and precious in the eyes of the world marathon community,  runners, volunteers, spectators, charity organizations, sponsors and anyone involved in any way in the event. For all of them this is indeed a life time experience.


Beside the purely sport aspect of the Athens Marathon event, this is a city celebration in which everyone plays his part encouraging the runners, applauding, cheering, dancing and singing. On that ground, the Organizing Committee is planning for several initiatives with the volunteer support of amateur music bands, school music groups, municipal philharmonic groups, individual musicians, dancing groups, and others, that will give rhythm and support the participating runners, while at the same time attract the spectators that will already have flooded the streets of Athens.


This is the spirit of joy and enthusiasm that we wish to experience and on that purpose we invite you to participate in this initiative and be present (just you or with your band) somewhere at the Marathon course or the Athens Centre creating a festivity mood for the participants and the spectators of the event.


If you are interested in this call, and you would like to get involved and learn how and where you may participate in this initiative, please contact Dimitris Kondylis (Athens Marathon Music Project Manger, +30 210 9657947, +30 6973 032425).

On behalf of SEGAS and the Athens Marathon Organizing Committee we thank you in advance for your cooperation and contribution.