The Athens Marathon has gone through an amazing growing and developing path over the last years. SEGAS, with vision, detailed planning and systematic efforts, has been dealing with this sport, cultural and tourist event of national and international impact, with thorough care, leading it with steady steps to the position that the authentic marathon deserves to be, at the top of the world Marathon movement.

Even though there is still a long way to the top, the progress remarks of the Athens Marathon are unquestionable. Nowdays, almost every family or party has at least one member participating in the races and the festivities of the biggest annual event in Greece. From 4,000 participants, a few spectators on the stands and an even smaller percentage among the TV viewers, the Athens Marathon is counting 30,000 runners, tens of

thousands of spectators and more than one million TV viewers during the 2013 event. SEGAS and the running movement are inviting the Greeks into a quite new, healthier and much better way of living. Participation in running events has literally skyrocketed.


The most important of all is that the Greek people are proud of the organizational perfection of the Athens Marathon and are satisfied to experience moments of joy, optimism and solidarity that the Athens Marathon is offering them, within the framework of the difficult times that our country is facing. The Greek State and all public authorities, as well as the Regional and Local governments support this developing event, acknowledging its important benefits on the country’s history, tourism and economy. The Athens Marathon is largely and steadily supported by sponsors, NGOs, running clubs, tourist and commercial partners, the press, celebrities from all around the world and numerous volunteers, while its impact on several charity organizations is translated into hundreds of thousands of Euro.

Meanwhile, we are very proud as to the place that the Athens Marathon has gained in the international scene. Through the Athens Marathon Opening Ceremony taking place in the Marathon Tome, the Marathon Flame and its travelling to all seven continents, the international AIMS Marathon Symposium with participants from more than 60 other Marathon Races per year, the AIMS Gala Award for the Best Runner of the Year being hosted in Athens, and the headquarters of the International Association for Marathon Races and Distance Running (AIMS) being in Greece, at Spyros Louis Avenue, we have created a number of tools that allow us to showcase the unique position and role of the Athens Marathon n the world marathon movement.

On that ground, SEGAS is ready today to take the Athens Marathon a step further; a step that will further highlight its unique characteristics; a step that will allow more extended promotion of its authentic character and will prove to be an additional and strong motive to each one of the millions of runners around the world to participate in the Authentic Marathon at least once in their lifetime. At the same time, the same step will enforce the strong bond between the Greek community and this historic sport event of our country, amplifying participation.

SEGAS’ primary goal is to spread knowingness among runners all around the world with regard to the historic connection of Greece as the birthplace of the Marathon Race and the fine staging of the Athens Marathon nowdays. Our aim is to turn participation in our Marathon not just into a “must” for every true Marathon runner, but into the best experience of his life, in Greece of culture, sports and rare natural beauty.

Today, we make the first step to a new era; we inaugurate a new phase in the efforts of the Athens Marathon to world acknowledgement, through its evolution and improvement of its visual identity.

The new naming of our race is becoming “Athens Marathon. The Authentic”. A name that records in the most accurate and correct way the “unique” world “position” of our national heritage. It is not just a classic Marathon of 42.195m but the only one held on the authentic course from Marathon to Athens. It is the Authentic Marathon.  

In the meantime, in our new visual identity and new logo, we keep the colors that reflect Greece, the classicness and the ancient runner, but we are making known to the world that the letter “M” comes from Greece, from the historic city of Marathonas.

We are geminating the strength of the symbol, the message, our uniqueness. See our new logo and visit our website for more photos and videos. Visit the website of our online Official Marathon Shop ( and get the new and amazing products of our Marathon.