The closing ceremony of the 31th Athens Classic Marathon will take place next Thursday, December 19th at 19:00 in the Auditorium of the Museum Benaki 138. The organising committee will award the groups with criterion the compination of massive participation and the ranking of group members. There will also be awarded state and private agencies, sponsors, runners and other personalities for their participation and contribution in the 31th Athens Classic Marathon.

Figures that resemble to those of World Championships and other major events, characterize the 31st Athens Classic Marathon that was held on November 10 2013, and depict its glory.

High level services were available to the thousands of runners that participated in the Marathon Race as well as in the 5km & 10km Road Race, the Kids’ Runs and the 1000m Special Olympics Race, so that all of them enjoy their participation in safety and health.

Figures that may impress everyone follow:

237,000 bottles of water

84,000 glasses

40,500 bottles of isotonic drinks

39,000 bananas


Past and present performers at the forefront of distance running showed their support for the Athens Classic Marathon and its unique status among marathons this past weekend. Receiving his award as the AIMS Best Male Marathon Runner of the Year on Friday evening in Athens, the current world record holder, Wilson Kipsang of Kenya, hinted that he might one day like to test himself on the classic course. Norway’s Ingrid Kristiansen, the women’s former world record holder, received a lifetime achievement award at the same inaugural AIMS gala and urged runners of every ability to experience the special running atmosphere of the Athens Classic Marathon.

Wilson Kipsang, relaxing after his world record triumph in Berlin at the end of September, is eager to return to Athens. The idea of running the race has begun to percolate in his mind along with a desire to learn more marathon history: “I want to see more of the marathon and learn about the historic background. If possible I would like to run the Athens Classic Marathon some time in the future.”

Ingrid Kristiansen was a truly all-round talent in distance running, winning World and European titles at 10,000m as well Cross Country but she came into her own in the marathon, setting a world record with 2:21:06 in London in 1985, a mark which stood for 13 years.


Thousands of runners created an amazing image of Athens today! The races are in progress and numerous runners have already finished.

The winner of 31st Athens Classic Marathon is Yego Hillary Kipkogei 2:13.50. Second Kimeli Dicson (2:14:40) and third Rutoh David Kipkorir (2:14:47). First Greek Athlete is Meroussis.

In women division 1st is Rotich Otich Nancy Joan (2:41:38), 2nd is Stanko Svitlana (2:42:03) and third is Magda Gazea (2:46:07).

The men results for the 10 Km Road Race are: 1. Iadgarov (32:28), 2. Drossos (32:35) 3. Dimitrakis (32:58). Results for women are: 1.Karakatsani (35:40), 2. Kefala (36:15), 3. Astropekaki (37:00).

At the 5 Km Road Race winner is Nakopoulos with finish time 15:48. Mylonas achieved a result of 15:53 and Chatzaki finished in 15:54. In women the rank is: 1. Mperdoussi (17:58), 2. Michailova (18:49) and 3. Chrysaidi (19:09).


We would like to wish good luck to the participants of the 31th Athens Classic Marathon! We hope you enjoy the race and have an unforgettable experience. If you do not run tomorrow you may participate in the race by supporting the runners!!!