Figures that resemble to those of World Championships and other major events, characterize the 31st Athens Classic Marathon that was held on November 10 2013, and depict its glory.

High level services were available to the thousands of runners that participated in the Marathon Race as well as in the 5km & 10km Road Race, the Kids’ Runs and the 1000m Special Olympics Race, so that all of them enjoy their participation in safety and health.

Figures that may impress everyone follow:

237,000 bottles of water

84,000 glasses

40,500 bottles of isotonic drinks

39,000 bananas


28,000 juice bottles


26,000 sponges

26,000 fitness bars

25,500 medals

11,925 energy gels

11,000 isothermal blankets

4,000 balloons

2,400 safety barriers

300 chemical toilets

250 vehicles