Thousands of runners created an amazing image of Athens today! The races are in progress and numerous runners have already finished.

The winner of 31st Athens Classic Marathon is Yego Hillary Kipkogei 2:13.50. Second Kimeli Dicson (2:14:40) and third Rutoh David Kipkorir (2:14:47). First Greek Athlete is Meroussis.

In women division 1st is Rotich Otich Nancy Joan (2:41:38), 2nd is Stanko Svitlana (2:42:03) and third is Magda Gazea (2:46:07).

The men results for the 10 Km Road Race are: 1. Iadgarov (32:28), 2. Drossos (32:35) 3. Dimitrakis (32:58). Results for women are: 1.Karakatsani (35:40), 2. Kefala (36:15), 3. Astropekaki (37:00).

At the 5 Km Road Race winner is Nakopoulos with finish time 15:48. Mylonas achieved a result of 15:53 and Chatzaki finished in 15:54. In women the rank is: 1. Mperdoussi (17:58), 2. Michailova (18:49) and 3. Chrysaidi (19:09).