A race of the significance of the Athens Classic Marathon attracts the attention of great personalities. As customary of preceding years, this year Athens, on the occasion of the Marathon Race, will become the centre of global sporting interest, since from November 7th to 10th, a large number of great sport personalities will arrive in the city. Among them, the Pole Vault World Record-holder, Sergey Bubka. IAAF’s Vice President will arrive in Athens a few days prior to the Race, while on November 10th, he will be present at both the Start and the Finish of the 31st Athens Classic Marathon to greet the runners participating in the Race.

The Ukranian official, who as of a few weeks ago was a candidate for the IOC presidency, will have the chance to experience firsthand what it feels to participate in the ACM and also get in contact with other important people being in Athens the same period. The Chairman of the European Federation Chansiorgk Virtus along with the head of ABAF and the Federation of Bulgaria Ntompromir Karamarinof will also be present during the Athens Classic Marathon event.


Perhaps the most important attendance of all is that of the President of the Organizing Committee of the Boston Marathon, Joan Flaminio.


The Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Boston Marathon, in twinning the two marathons, will be honored during the race day at the Panathinaikon Stadium while the day before will be one of the main presenters at the AIMS symposium, themed: "The safety of marathons".

World Record-holders and World Champions are expected in Athens on the occasion of honoring of this year’s top marathon athletes during the Gala of the Association of International Marathon Distance Races (AIMS) on November 8.

At the event taking place in the Athens College premises on November 8, Ingrid Christiansen will be honored. The Norwegian runner set a world record of 2 hours 23 minutes and 11 seconds at the International London Marathon in 1985. She has participated in 25 marathons winning 15 of them.

Presidents of European Federations are also expected to attend the ACM.