Registrations for this year’s Athens Classic Marathon event finally closed yesterday evening.
The 30th anniversary of the Athens Classic Marathon will be remembered for the glorious
participation of thousands runners in all road races, highlighting the participation of more
than 12,000 runners in both 5km & 10km Road Races. The participation limits that
were set during the opening of the registration period (last March) were far met and, 
therefore, no more registration request may be accepted.

All runners should be aware that due to the fact of reaching the participation
limits, NO REQUEST OF RACE CHANGE MAY BE ACCEPTED (such requests will be
rejected at the registration center or on the race day).

The Athens Classic Marathon Organizing Committee would like to thank the thousands of
amateur runners from Greece and abroad that have registered for the race, showing their
love and support towards this unique event. On our behalf, we would like to assure you
that we will do our best so that you enjoy an unforgettable experience of all times.

See you at the Start Line!