The Marathon Flame keeps travelling the world!

Continuing its journey around the world, the Marathon Flame is ready to visit Antarctica first and then Cyrpus, in view of the 3rd International Nicosia Marathon.

The Ice Antarctica Marathon Organizing Committee, the Organizing Committee of a unique race event that is held on the ice land of South Pole, submitted a request to the Executive Board of SEGAS in order to host and honor the Marathon Flame during the 7th Ice Antarctica Marathon on November 20, 2012. The Marathon Flame will be taken to Antarctica by the Greek-Cypriot Marathon runners and UNICEF Ambassador of Good Willl, Mr Nasos Ktorides.

A few days later, the Marathon Flame will visit Cyprus, following the relevant request of the International Quantum Marathon of Nicosia Organizing Marathon and the Nicosia Municipality Authorities. The city authorities will welcome the Flame and honor its presence in the city with a number of festivities already being planned.

“It was a great honor for the Federation and the Marathon Flame itself to receive the two requests by such these two such so different Marathon Races, but which keep strongly promoting the same ideals. We were very glad to accept both requests and we are confident that in both cases, the Flame will be treated in a very special way” said Mr Vassilis Sevastis, President of SEGAS.

From his part, Mr Nasos Ktorides, Organier of the Quantum Nicosia Marathon, stated: “The Marathon Flame represents the Greek heritage to the primitive hunger of man to vision and seek the impossible. We would like to thank SEGAS that offers us the opportunity to take Greece with us in Antarctica and Cyprus.”

The Marathon Flame has already travelled to four continents (Europe, Asia, America, and Africa) and a number of capitals and big cities of world, where it was welcomed with respect. More specifically, over the last three years, the Marathon Flame has visited Prague (Czech Republic), Omsk (Russia), Vienna (Austria), Xiamen and Shanghai (China), Belgrade (Serbia), Boston and Chicago (USA), Toronto (Canada), Mumbai (India), Quito (Ecuador) and Maritzburg (Africa).