The circle of Charities that are year by year choosing to get involved with the Athens Classic Marathon 
is getting bigger, as they choose to work along with an event well recognized for its gratitude, its
acknowledgment within the society and its high organizational standards. 

This year, among the several Charity Organizations that will participate in the event, the following
Charities have been nominated as the Official Charity Organizations for 2012. These are:
ELEPAP (Hellenic Society for Disabled Children)
Medicins Sans Frontieres
Institution Team for the World (Environmental Alliance 2004+)
Make A Wish Greece
MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association)


ELEPAP and Medicins Sans Frontieres are been connected for the first time this year with the Athens
Classic Marathon and this is a great honor for the organization, as they are two of the most active
NGOs in Greece, widely recognized for their significant work.


Since 2009, the Athens Classic Marathon has launched a new Charity and Social Liability Program, which comports with the symbolism and the character of the event. The ACM Charities Program is addressed to the Non-Governmental Organizations (Charity Organizations) which choose

to actively participate in the parallel event and the races of the Athens Classic Marathon, offering them the opportunity to use the actual event and their participation in its races as a mean in order to sensitize the Greek and international runners on their objectives and various projects and at the same time to collect money for the realization of their goals and aims.