The Athens Classic Marathon travelled to Germany, and more specifically in Hamburg, last week in order to attend the local International Marathon and promote itself during the relevant Marathon EXPO. The Athens Classic Marathon booth, an impressive booth of 18sqm, has been constructed especially for Marathon EXPOs abroad with the support of the Hellenic National Tourism Organization, and it promotes equally the Athens Classic Marathon event and the tourist opportunities in Greece.

The Athens Classic Marathon booth was visited by thousands of runners and visitors of the EXPO, who strongly stated their admiration and appreciation towards the one and only Authentic Marathon Race. The fact that the majority of the participants in the Hamburg Marathon were German, gave the opportunity to the Greek delegation to try – within its capacities and authorization – to change the impressions and feelings of the German people towards to whole of the Greek society. Within the framework of the current difficult and challenging period that Greece is going through, the promotion of such a successful national sport and cultural event with international impact helps in showcasing the unique and special character of the Greek Civilization as well as the tourist opportunities in Greece.

Next week, the Athens Classic Marathon will travel to the city of Prague, Czech Republic, which apart from the local Marathon Race, hosts also the 19th AIMS World Congress, with more than .