The Athens Classic Marathon Travel Abroad!

Over the last weeks, the Athens Classic Marathon has visited both Rome and Barcelona on the occasion of the local Marathon Races and the international EXPOs held parallel to these two well-known and massive events. The Athens Classic Marathon Organizing Committee was sponsored for these trips by the National Tourism Organization of Greece, which strongly supports the promotional program of the Athens Classic Marathon abroad the last five years.

The Athens Classic Marathon Booth was visited by numerous runners attending the local Marathon, who had either participated in our race in the past, or are interested in participating in this year's race or even more wish to schedule their participation in the Athens Classic Marathon in the years to come. All of them took pictures of themselves in front of the Panathinaikon Stadium appearing on the walls of the booth and watched quite interesting videos of the race itself and the beauties of Greece.

We should also underline the great interest shown by local and international media as well as other Marathon Races organizers and representatives of local sports clubs. They all had only positive comments to make (

In the next two months, the Athens Classic Marathon will also visit Paris, Prague and Hamburg in order to attend the local Marathon Races. In Prague, the Athens Classic Marathon will have the opportunity to be promoted among more than 100 Race Organizers as well, who are going to be in Prague on the occasion of the 19th AIMS World Congress held before the Prague International Marathon.