In a very difficult period for our country, SEGAS, a sports federation, decidedt o show to the world that Greece may be going through difficult times but does not lose the values that diachronically carry through its history and its culture!

After concerted efforts of the President of SEGAS, UNESCO, the largest international supporter of the United Nations, is now a supporter of the Athens Classic Marathon.

In the agreement signed in Paris by UNESCO and its 193 member countries, UNESCO decided to support the efforts of our country, recognizing the Athens Classic Marathon not only as a premier sporting event but as a worldwide historical and cultural event, a bridge that connects the past with the present. The participation of 20,000 runners from 96 different countries, the interest of top celebrities and international media puts Greece on the spot of the world, giving to our country, global visibility and revenues exceeding 20,000,000 Euros based on last year’s data.
This year's Athens Classic Marathon becomes an international event. Following last year's anniversary of the 2,500 years from the Battle of Marathon, SEGAS decided to utilize and extend this legacy, linking this year's event with values like social cohesion, the power of human will and solidarity. These values that emerge through the Athens Classic Marathon are denatured into an act through SEGAS’ extensive social responsibility program that has been developed by the Federation over the last four(4)years.