The Athens Marathon is the most massive sport event held in Greece. Participation in the Athens Marathon event is increasing year after year and that increase results in more demanding needs that we must meet.

Saying “THANK YOU” to all volunteers that have helped in the successful outcome of the Athens Marathon every year is not just a kind gesture. It is a saying full of meaning and emotion as without them, organizing the Athens Marathon would not be possible. The Athens Marathon is the real outcome of team work, the results of the combined efforts of so many people, among whom we count the thousands of volunteers that come to Athens from all over Greece.

More than 3,200 volunteers will be next to the runners of the 2017 Athens Marathon, in order to be of their assistance and encourage them. It should be noted that we already have 600 volunteers more than last year, while starting from this year, volunteers are separated into two different shifts in order to increase the level of service.

Volunteers from abroad, new entries and the environmental program 

Among this enormous number of volunteers, one may find 20 persons that we all need to remember and who are travelling from abroad just to serve as volunteers of the 2017 Athens Marathon and take part in this fantastic event. 

Reading the statistics of the Athens Marathon Volunteers program, more than 40% of the registered volunteers is attending the event for the first time. Another interesting element of this report is the fact that 2/3 of the registered volunteers are female and only 1/3 of them male.

A huge environmental program is held during the Athens Marathon event, supported by four volunteers’ teams that are helping to collect all items that may be recycled during and after the race, proving once more what team work means!

Let us mention below the four main sections in which volunteers are found during the Athens Marathon Day:

1. Marathon Start (Marathon Town)

Volunteers are at the start of the race, long before the runners arrive, in teams that deal with the management of the runners’ clothing, providing information to the runners, offering waters, and guiding runners around as they arrive at the Marathon Start area.

2. Feed Zones along the Marathon course of 42,195m.

Volunteers are manning the teams that run the feed stations along the Marathon course, offering to the runners water, isotonic drinks, bananas, fitness bars, watered sponges, and at the same time applauding their effort. 

3. Start of the 10km, 5km Road Race and Kids Run 

Volunteers are at the start and the entire course of the 10km and 5km Road Races, creating human chains, supporting the relevant feed zones and offering water and other services to the runners, helping in managing the runners’ clothing areas, guarding the crossing points on all roads of the entire course, offering information to the spectators of the event.

4. Finish Venue (Panathenaic Stadium)

The Volunteers guard all access zones and crossing areas as runners reach the Panathenaic Stadium, as well as within the Stadium. They are there to support runners, giving water, medals, isothermal blankets, offer information to the spectators, manage the crowd that moves in and out, but most of all... they smile. And they make the day brighter!