It is a fact! 18,500 runners will run the Authentic Marathon course creating a human chain of 42,195 meters from Marathon to Athens; 18,500 unique people that will prove once again the strength of human mind and will to achieve the goal.

Registrations for the Marathon Race closed yesterday morning, as for the first time in the event’s history the ultimate participation limit of 18,500 runners was met. The last time that registrations had closed long before the race was in 2010 but at that time the participation limit was only 12.000 runners.  Let us say once more that registrations for the 10km and 5km Road Race Morning have already closed since the opening day of the official 2017 registration period.

And if you have not yet register but you do wish to be there and join along with more than 51,000 other runners the Athens Marathon Event on 12 November at the Panathenaic Stadium, register now of the 5km ROAD RACE AFTERNOON. The event’s Organizing Committee is releasing today a limited number of entries in the 5km Road Race Afternoon – Basic Registration Level.  Visit our website and sign up now as tomorrow may be too late!