For the first time in the entire history of the Athens Marathon event, the ultimate and maximum registration limit for the Marathon Race (42,195m) is met almost 90 days before the Race Day!

Over the last years, the only registrations closing much sooner than the final date were those for the morning races of the 10km & 5km Road Races. However, as of last night that... dam is also shot down, as 18,500 runners have already registered successfully for the 2018 Marathon Race and now the organization is moving to the next phase. 

What is more than impressive and quite touching is the response of thousands of runners worldwide that hurried to register and reserve – months before – one of the 18,500 valuable entries that will bring them to the Start Line of the Authentic Marathon. And the entry in the Athens Authentic Marathon is valuable because it bears strong symbolism and an international uniqueness of no kind. 

The Hellenic Athletics Federation and the Athens Marathon Organizing Committee are immensely thanking all those fans of the Marathon Race and promise to put every humanly possible effort in order to meet their expectations and the demands of staging an event such as the Athens Marathon; an event that is constantly growing, rightfully conquering a place among the best. At the same time, the Hellenic Athletics Federation, SEGAS, will fight towards the significant enlargement of substructures at the Historical Marathon Start venue in the town of Marathon, the authentic Marathon course and the extraordinary finish area, so that in the close future more runners for Greece and around the world have the chance to register and participate. It is important to say that the Attica Region, the co-organizer of the Athens Marathon, this major national event, as well as the rest of the involved relevant authorities, are fully dedicated  to this goal.

At the time being, and just after the ultimate sold out in Marathon Race, there are still free places in the 5km Road Race Afternoon, where less than 500 entries are yet available. Let’s make sure that no one will be missing from this universal gathering to be held in Athens on 11 November 2018, in which more than 55,000 runners will be joining.