Here you can find the Highlights of the 32nd Athens Authentic Marathon.

It was the first time for Felix Kandie from Kenya in Athens Authentic Marathon and was combined with a new course record. His result was 2.10.37 (former record was 2.10.55 by Stefano Baldini during the Athens 2004 Olympic Games) and was followed by Raymond Bett (2.12.34) and Chobei Josphat Kiptanui Too (2.15.38).

In women winner was Maiyo Naomi Jepkogei (2.41.06), second was Rotich Nancy Joan (2.41.29) and third was Chobei Linah Jerop (2.42.41)

Traffic measures will be applied all around the city center of Athens and along the marathon course throughout the date. The runners are adviced to use public transortation means.

Τhe Organizing Committee of the 32nd Athens Marathon, the Authentic, due to the extreme weather forecast had obliged to change the place of the ceremony of the Lighting of the Marathon Flame.

Due to the forecast of the National Weather Agency (EMY) on Saturday, November 8th, we are expecting extreme weather conditions for the whole area of Marathon. The Organizing Committee has decided to transfer the ceremony from the historical reference point of the Marathon Tomb to a covered establishment on the starting point of the historical Marathon course.

The press office of the organizing committee is announcing that the bus for Marathon is leaving as scheduled from New Hotel at 10.00 am.

With the slogan “Let them run again” the recycling running shoes program inaugurated in 2013 will be run again this year in cooperation with the organization “Institute – Team for the World – Environmental Alliance 2004+” and GLOBAL CHALLENGES. Runners as well as anyone else will have the opportunity to give their old and used running shoes to people and families in need of them.

Last year, when this program was launched for the first time, more than 300 pairs of running shoes were gathered. This year we expect even more.

So, bring your old – in good condition – running shoes at ERGO MARATHON EXPO that will be held at the Indoor Hall TAEK WON DO at Faliro from Thursday 6 November to Saturday 8 November and let them run again…

Furthermore, this year, the Athens Marathon Organizing is launching a program collecting and offering to various charities the Marathon runners’ clothes that will be left beside.

Clothing of any kind, sport or not, that will be left beside by the runners and will be collected at the Marathon Start area on Sunday morning, will be given to people and families in need.

More than 2,000 volunteers, a unique number for the Athens Marathon event and not only, are ready to “run” their own race during the 32nd “ATHENS MARATHON. THE AUTHENTIC”.

And this number could be even bigger if the needs of the organization were not met long before the conclusion of the Volunteers’ registration period. Indicatively we mention that last year (in 2013) 1,950 volunteers had offered their services in the event, while in 2012 the relevant number was 1,800 and in 2011 1,700.

Out of the total number of this year’s volunteers, 1,280 are men and 900 women while they come not only from Greece but from various countries around Europe, Asia and America as well.

With the older being 86 years old and the younger 12, this mighty team of the Athens Marathon has won one of the most necessary presences of the historical race. A lot of them play quite important roles during the event contributing decisively in its success.

A big part of the volunteers’ team consists of rescue teams while there are a lot of schools that contribute massively to the Marathon’s organization for many years.


The 32rd Athens Marathon is a race of never before, as to the number of participating runners. The success of the event and its recognition among the running community in Greece and abroad has led to impressive numbers, non-compared to anything of the past.

2,200 volunteers, the most of them participating in the event for the first times this year, will join forces in order to present a successful and well organized event, while more than 500 police officers will offer their services regarding safety and traffic management. Along with them, 150 medical staff will be alert to assist and provide services for anything unexpected related to the health of the participants and spectators.

In total, more than 5,000 persons will be involved in the event and will foresee that all 35,000 runners and their 55,000 friends and family members enjoy an exceptional race.

The 35,000 runners to participate in the event will use 270,000 water bottles, 47,000 isotonic drinks, another 47,000 juices, as well as 26,000 energy bards and 50,000 bananas. Moreover, 220 busses will take the runners to the Marathon Start area, creating a line of about 7km, while 22 trucks will carry the clothes of the Marathon Runners. Barriers of a total length of 5km will mark the Marathon Course and the finish line.

The biggest kids party that Athens have ever lived will take place on Sunday 09 November, in the framework of “ATHENS MARATHON. THE AUTHENTIC”.

More than 5,000 children from seven different municipalities along the Marathon course will become themselves the precursors of the most important race of all, the Marathon Race, and will welcome the thousands of runners from all over the world to run the Authentic Marathon Course from Marathon Town to the Panathinaikon Stadium.

The number of the kids participating in the event is a record itself, as the number of municipalities (7 this year) to host such races and festivities for children along the Marathon Race, taking under consideration that last year only five municipalities had participated in this initiative.

The Kids Runs along the course have no winners and no losers. They will take place about 15 to 20 minutes before the arrival of the first Marathon Race at the specific municipality and vary in distance and number (between to 400 and 1100 participating children) depending on the hosting municipality. All kids will receive an acknowledgement medal. It should be noted that registrations for these races were more than ever expected.