The 32rd Athens Marathon is a race of never before, as to the number of participating runners. The success of the event and its recognition among the running community in Greece and abroad has led to impressive numbers, non-compared to anything of the past.

2,200 volunteers, the most of them participating in the event for the first times this year, will join forces in order to present a successful and well organized event, while more than 500 police officers will offer their services regarding safety and traffic management. Along with them, 150 medical staff will be alert to assist and provide services for anything unexpected related to the health of the participants and spectators.

In total, more than 5,000 persons will be involved in the event and will foresee that all 35,000 runners and their 55,000 friends and family members enjoy an exceptional race.

The 35,000 runners to participate in the event will use 270,000 water bottles, 47,000 isotonic drinks, another 47,000 juices, as well as 26,000 energy bards and 50,000 bananas. Moreover, 220 busses will take the runners to the Marathon Start area, creating a line of about 7km, while 22 trucks will carry the clothes of the Marathon Runners. Barriers of a total length of 5km will mark the Marathon Course and the finish line.