The resounding success of the “Athens Marathon. The Authentic” in its growth in participants and elite performance in recent years was confirmed by the men’s winner of the title in the 36th edition on Sunday, Brimin Misoi of Kenya, running the third fastest ever on the historic course of 2:10:56, just one second slower than it took Stefano Baldini of Italy to win the Olympic title on the same course in 2004. It was a day of record breaking in terms of overall participants, with 18,750 runners who entered the marathon and, adding various shorter distance events held in conjunction, a total of 55,000. 

“The legend continues. Each year the Athens Marathon gets better and better,” said Paco Borao, President of AIMS, the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races, at the press conference for the “Athens Marathon. The Authentic.” A record entry of 18,750 runners will be on the start line on Sunday. The course follows the original marathon route of the first Olympic Games of the modern era in 1896, beginning at the town of Marathon and running over a severely undulating route into the old Panathinaic Olympic Stadium. Taking into account other, shorter races held in conjunction with the main event, around 55,000 runners are expected to participate in the “Athens Marathon. The Authentic.”


Eliud Kipchoge has been elected the Best Marathon Runner of the Year (BMR) by the members of the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS) for the fourth time in a row. Fellow-Kenyan Gladys Cherono takes the prestigious title for the first time. Gladys Cherono will be in Athens for the presentation of the award at the annual gala on Friday night, staged by AIMS and the Hellenic Athletics Federation (SEGAS) at the impressive „Megaro - The Athens Concert Hall“. Horst Milde, founder of the Berlin Marathon, will also be in Athens to receive the 2018 AIMS Lifetime Achievement Award. Former AIMS President Hiroaki Chosa, who can not travel to Greece, has been elected for this Award as well. The winners were announced by AIMS.

Only one marathon has unique status in terms of sport history, despite the ever-growing number of city races.  It is not New York, London, Berlin or Tokyo but Athens.  When the “Athens Marathon. The Authentic” gets underway on November 11, the runners will be returning to the very origin of the event.  This is where the history of the marathon race began with the legend of the Greek messenger, soldier and runner who is thought to have run from Marathon to Athens in 490 BCE to bring news of the victory in battle over the Persians.  According to legend the messenger, once in Athens, collapsed and died.

The Athens Marathon will go ahead on the traditional route from the village of Marathon to the capital on November 11 without changes despite the devastating fires which took place on parts of the course in the summer. The course, which is essentially the same as in the first Olympic Games of the modern era in 1896, leads through the town of Mati which was in the centre of the tragedy in July.

In the weeks before the 36th edition of the “Athens Marathon. The Authentic” the Hellenic Athletics Federation (SEGAS) is launching a project inviting its Official Sponsors and Partners help revive the coastal areas of Attica devastated by wildfires in late July. While the name of the project is “Runners’ Forest“, the concept is for a “green revival“, buying and planting trees for just over four kilometres along the marathon course in the village of Mati, around 12 to 16 kilometres into the race. The overall death toll is estimated to be approximately 100 in what was one of the worst cases of fire devastation this century.

Following last years’ success, the amazing mobile application of the Athens Marathon returns! The app is here to offer the most.. authentic experience to those that wish to “follow” their friends and family members participating in the event, as well as useful information to the runners themselves. 

Are you a runner? Is your friend running? Do you just want to keep track with the authentic action in real time (live tracking) on your mobile device? The only thing you have to do is download and install at your smart phone, tablet, and/or personal computer, the official Athens Marathon application, “Athens Marathon. The Authentic powered by MyLaps”, available for iOS and Android.

By using the app, you will stay in touch with your runner friends and track their progress on Sunday November 11th.

More specifically, every user can track up to 25 runners and receive automatic notifications every time the selected runners pass the timing zones at the following points: in Marathon Race, the stations include the 5 – 10 – 15 – 21,1 – 25 – 30 – 35 – 40km, at the 10km Road Race the stations include 1,1 – 5 – 5,8km where the “U-turn” is, at the 5km Road Race – Morning & Afternoon, the stations include the 1 and 3km. Moreover, each user can receive notifications for the first 15 athletes leading each one of the races. 

For the first time in the entire history of the Athens Marathon event, the ultimate and maximum registration limit for the Marathon Race (42,195m) is met almost 90 days before the Race Day!

Over the last years, the only registrations closing much sooner than the final date were those for the morning races of the 10km & 5km Road Races. However, as of last night that... dam is also shot down, as 18,500 runners have already registered successfully for the 2018 Marathon Race and now the organization is moving to the next phase. 

What is more than impressive and quite touching is the response of thousands of runners worldwide that hurried to register and reserve – months before – one of the 18,500 valuable entries that will bring them to the Start Line of the Authentic Marathon. And the entry in the Athens Authentic Marathon is valuable because it bears strong symbolism and an international uniqueness of no kind. 

The Hellenic Athletics Federation and the Athens Marathon Organizing Committee are immensely thanking all those fans of the Marathon Race and promise to put every humanly possible effort in order to meet their expectations and the demands of staging an event such as the Athens Marathon; an event that is constantly growing, rightfully conquering a place among the best. At the same time, the Hellenic Athletics Federation, SEGAS, will fight towards the significant enlargement of substructures at the Historical Marathon Start venue in the town of Marathon, the authentic Marathon course and the extraordinary finish area, so that in the close future more runners for Greece and around the world have the chance to register and participate. It is important to say that the Attica Region, the co-organizer of the Athens Marathon, this major national event, as well as the rest of the involved relevant authorities, are fully dedicated  to this goal.

At the time being, and just after the ultimate sold out in Marathon Race, there are still free places in the 5km Road Race Afternoon, where less than 500 entries are yet available. Let’s make sure that no one will be missing from this universal gathering to be held in Athens on 11 November 2018, in which more than 55,000 runners will be joining.