Start Time: 08.30am

Participation Age Limit

In order for someone to participate in the 5km Road Race , he/she should be at least 12 years old (born at least in 2010).

Special Conditions for Participation due to COVID-19

Read the event's Health Protocol in detail here.


Before leaving your residence, make sure you have with you the following:

• Bib number and safety pins (timing chip is embedded on the bib number),
• Kit plastic bag with the bib number's sticker to be stamped on and
• At least two protective face masks which will be used during the transport and arrival at the race site until the start.

Transportation to the Start Area

The arrival of the participants shall be from all METRO stations surrounding the starting area, following specific instructions and recommendations, It is noted that runners must arrive on Vas. Amalias Avenue (at the height of Bodossaki Foundation), in the direction towards Syntagma, at least 30-minutes to 1-hour before the start of the Race.

Note that no vehicles are allowed in the city centre of Athens and anywhere around the Panathenaic Stadium on Sunday 13 November 2022 from 05:00am to 18:30pm.

Warm Up Area

Runners may warm up behind the start area on Vas. Amalias Avenue (near Adrianos Gate). Warm up is not allowed before the start line. It is recommended to runners who wish to warm up to do so individually (running, flexibility exercises, etc.) in the areas behind the start, to avoid running in groups and to avoid areas where there is crowding.

It is recommended to all runners to wear a protective mask from their arrival on the race site until their start, ie until they take position on the special fixed position indications. There will be a large number of waste bins in appropriate places in the starting blocks to dispose of the protective masks.

Clothing Management

Runners should leave their kit bags, given to them by the Organizing Committee at the Runners' Center & Marathon EXPO, at the identified area on Zappeion Megaro, at least 30 minutes before the Start. Right after their finish runners may collect back their kit bag from the same area assisted by volunteers, presenting their race bib.

ATTENTION: All kit bags need to have the runner's race bib sticker stamped on, clearly visible. All bags should be well closed. Please make sure that your kit bag does not contain any travel documents, jewelry, money or medicines. The Organizing Committee bears no responsibility in case of loss or damage of any valuable items in the bags.

Any bags that are not collected after the end of the race are stored at the Athens Marathon Office (SEGAS) for a period of 15 days. After this time the bags and their contents are discarded.

Start Area/ Starting Procedure

The line up of the blocks will be along Amalias Avenue and along Vas. Olgas Avenue.

The participants in each block are determined by name in advance from the timing system and carry a personalized timing chip on their bib number, so that they maintain their specific and certain placement in the starting block, and to ensure that their position in the block is checked, at the start, on the route (via the electronic control and timing points) and at the finish.

The runners will start in certain order, maintaining the pre-existing distances between them in every direction.

It is noted that runners are allocated in starting blocks (without the possibility of arbitrary change) based on their performance, thus ensuring a unified movement rate for those belonging to a specific starting block, resulting in the least possible runners overtaking throughout the race and the smallest possible crowding with other runners, in addition to those around.

The start time delay from block to block can extend up to 10 minutes. To the time required to evacuate the starting block is added a) the time required to place the runners of the next block in the mandatory individual waiting position / stop for the next start and b) an additional time of 3-4 minutes.


A “Wave Start System” will be implemented. Ten (10) different wave starts are planned with a difference of a few minutes between them.

All participants are placed in starting blocks at the start area, according to their bib number and color. The block is written on the bib number.

Get to the starting blocks in time, based on the listed block and the color of your bib number 15 minutes before start.


5km Road Race Starting Blocks


1st block: elite athletes and the best 1300 finish times


2nd block –  the next best 1500 finish times


3rd block –  the next best 1500 finish times


4th block –  the next best 1500 finish times


5th block –  the next best 1500 finish times


6th block –  the next best 1500 finish times


7th block –  the next best 1500 finish times


8th block – the next best 1500 finish times


     9th block -  the next best 1500 finish times
08:56     10th block –  the next best 1500 finish times
09:00 The last runner passes the starting line
10:00      End of race completion timit limit


All participants are kindly requested to follow the rules of the Organizing Committee and pay attention to the instructions given to them by the event's volunteers.

The runners are placed in starting blocks based on their personal best finish time over the last four years (2019-2022), as stated on their entry form. Runners who have not stated their best finish time on their entry form are placed in one of the last two starting blocks.

Please note that any runner who starts from a different block than the indicated one, or tries to participate in a race different than the one he/she has registered for, will be automatically disqualified and, consequently, his/her results will not be recorded in the Final Results.

Participation without bib number is not allowed in any case. Athletes without bib number will be stopped before entering the Panathenaic Stadium. Furthermore, participation is forbidden to athletes with pets, skates, skateboards, bicycles or other wheeled equipment.



Kilometer Signs

There are kilometer (km) indexes at every kilometer of the course.

Toilets – WCs

WC facilities are available at the start and the finish area, as well as at all feed stations along the course.

Medical Services

The Organizing Committee is responsible for providing medical service to the runners. The National Centre of Immediate Help provides medical services along the course as well as at the Start and Finish of the race. An ambulance will be following the last group of runners throughout the course. Medical Volunteers and Paramedics will be along the course to offer first aid and to inform accordingly the medical persons responsible for the event.

Feed Stations

Bottled water will be offered to the runners at the Start and the Finish. Especially for the 5km Road Race there will be an additional feed station with bottled water at the 2.5km.


In the context of implementing the environmental program of AMA 2022, the disposal of plastic bottles and glasses should be done in the paper and plastic bins after the water supply tables, in order to keep the path clean and to be promoted at the final recycling.

At the finish, the banana residues are disposed of in the bins with the relevant marking, separately from the rest of the recyclable waste in order to be forwarded for composting.

Time Limit For the Conclusion of the Race

The time limit for the completion of the 5km Road Race is 60 minutes ("net" time, from the start of a starting block to the crossing of the finish line). The 5km Road Race is completed at 10:00.

ATTENTION: Runners, who choose to continue their effort beyond the above time limit at any part of the course, need to be aware of the fact that they are running or walking at their own risk and that they will not be allowed to enter the Panathenaic Stadium in order to finish.

Electronic Timing

All runners are obligated to bear the bib number with the timing chip on the front of their chest and not to cover it with any clothing or object. These two indicate the athlete’s identity and starting block in the electronic system. By using the timing chip, runners will be registered in the official results list and will be informed about their split times. Split timing zones for the 5km Road Race are installed at the 1.3 and 4th kilometer.

Only the athletes who a) participate in accordance with the rules, b) are placed in the right starting block, c) have timing indications at the Start, the split timing zones and the Finish, and d) complete the race within the time limit will have their final time and time splits appearing in the Official Results and will get a participation certificate.

Rules and Fair Play

Observance of the rules and regulations set by World Athletics (WA), the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS) and the Hellenic Athletics Federation (SEGAS), is substantial for the safe and fair participation of all runners in this mass sport event. Fair play and noble competition characterize the Athens Marathon, therefore, mutual understanding and support among the participants are essential in promoting the Olympic and sports ideals. Everyone should respect his/her co-runners and try not to block their way and the flow of the race. The use of headphones/ ear-pieces during the race is allowed.

In case of non following the above rules, the event's judges as well as the Organizing Committee staff, may exclude runners from the Final Results, evaluating electronic and audio visual material.

ATTENTION: The participation of athletes with hand bikes, other competition wheelchairs, skates, skateboards, bicycles or accompanied by pets is not allowed in the event.

Access to the Race Route - 5km Race Attendance

All race routes will be free of vehicles. It is strictly prohibited for anyone (spectators, coaches, etc.) other than the runners to move on all race lanes, in any type of vehicle. Parallel street lanes will also be free of traffic and dedicated to the Organizing Committee accredited vehicles (ambulances, police vehicles, etc.). All spectators are kindly requested to use public transportation (Metro and buses outside the race routes), indicated in the maps.

Individuals accompanying athletes are not allowed to move on the lanes next to the race stream. No escorting of athletes in any kind of vehicle (bicycle, mot, etc) is allowed either on the runners' or the next lane.

The presence of accompanying persons in any of the race lanes or the lane next to the race stream, or disobeying to police orders, will directly lead to their expulsion from the race route and the disqualification of the athletes they escort.



Participation without bib number is not permitted. Runners who do not have a bib number will not be allowed to enter Panathenaic Stadium. Furthermore, participation in the race and finish in the Panathenaic Stadium to runners with dogs, or on bicycles, skates or any other kind of wheeled means, is forbidden.

Finishing the Race

All runners entering the finish area in the Panathenaic Stadium need to follow the route marked by cones and indicated by judges and volunteers. Runners who enter Panathenaic Stadium have to run the last 170m of the race inside the Stadium.The finish line is located on the left side of the Stadium.

Post Race Procedures & Services

Runners who cross the finish line need to keep walking. If any of the participants needs medical assistance, medical staff will be at the Finish to offer first aid services. Right after the Finish, all runners are given a finishers' medal and are asked to move towards the exit using the ramp next to the entrance gate that leads to the Propylaea of the Stadium.

After the finish, runners receive the finisher medal at the Finish Feed Zone. Outside the Stadium, participants will be offered water and bananas. All participants may collect their clothes and personal belongings from the specially designed open space. Runners may pick up their kit bags by presenting their bib number. Runners could return to the stadium following volunteers' instructions and watch the finish of the rest of the races.

Access to the Finish Area

Access to the main arena of Panathenaic Stadium is allowed only to the finishing runners having a bib number and the staff of the Organizing Committee with specific credentials on their accreditation. Friends, family members and coaches may access the designated spectators' area (stands), and should not try to enter the track area, as this will result in congestion and cause inconvenience to the runners exiting the Stadium and the staff of the Organizing Committee who is trying to assist the runners. In addition, it is prohibited for anyone to enter the Panathenaic Stadium with any type of vehicle or wheeled equipment (skates, bicycle, etc.). Runners must inform their friends and family members about these regulations.


All runners who successfully finish the race will receive a finishers’ medal. The Award Ceremonies for the first three winners / winners of the race will be held with full compliance of the rules of physical distance and limitation of contacts and only with the presence of the winners. Winners Medals and certificates are awarded to the first three Men and Women of General Ranking.

Results & Participation Certificates

The finish times of the runners are announced in our website throughout the race. After the end of the race, the official results for the first 20 runners are immediately announced. The unofficial results for the rest of the participants are announced right after the end of the race. Runners will have the opportunity to submit an appeal within the next five (5) calendar days. Any appeals are recorded, investigated and resolved and then the Official Results for all categories are announced on the event's website.

All runners may get their participation certificate through the website of the event's official Photo Agency,, a few days later,  after the announcement of the Official Results.

Photo Services

Photo services are provided by the world-known photo agency Marathon Photos.. All participants will be able to purchase their photos a few hours after the event from the website: