Cancellations are possible strictly up until 10th September 2022. Any kind of cancellation request should only be sent to the following email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

In all cases of cancellations requests sent up until the above date to the above email, the registration fee is refunded to the applicant, after the deduction of 10.00€ as handling fees, regardless the race/ level of registration and reason of cancellation. It is noted that any NGO donations are non-refundable.

Cancellation requests sent after 10 September 2022  are not accepted and there is no possibility for refunds

Deferral of one’s entry to the 2023 edition of “Athens Marathon. The Authentic” is NOT possible.

In case of confirmed cancellations, refunds are settled as below:

1. In case the payment of the registration fee was settled via debit /credit card and as long as the card remains active, the refund is completed within seven (7) business days.

2. In case the payment of the registration fee was settled via bank wire or in case the debit /credit card used for payment of the registration fee has expired, the refund is completed within 90 days after the end of the event.

In case the payment of the registration fee was settled via bank wire or the debit /credit card used for payment has expired, the applicant should send the full details of his /her bank account* via email for the refund (Bank Name, Beneficiary Name and IBAN). Please note that any remittance costs will be borne by the recipient.

    * Please note that in case the applicant's bank account belongs to a bank outside of European Union, additional bank account details might be requested in order to complete the transaction.

It is noted that the runners who deferred their registration from the 2021 edition of Athens Marathon to this year's event, do NOT have the possibility to further defer their entry or cancel their registration. However, in case they are unable to participate in the event, they reserve the right to change the name/ replace their registration with a person according to the instructions mentioned in the category "Registrations Management".

Cancellation of the Event Due to COVID-19

In the case that the 2022 “Athens Marathon. The Authentic” event is cancelled or the Health Protocol of the event is changed after relevant order by the Greek State due to possible health protection measures against the coronavirus pandemic or due to other unforeseen circumstances, the registration of each runner will automatically be transferred/deferred to the next Athens Marathon event and the participation will follow the general terms & regulations of the new event. The same process will apply to the excessive number of runners, in case the number of participants is reduced by a decision of the Greek State, and the participants will be determined in terms of registration priority order.