Athens Marathon. The Authentic Volunteering Program has been conducting continuous environmental initiatives with consistency for more than a decade in order to contribute to the sustainable development of society and the world through initiatives while cooperating with global society. Our Program’s mission and vision to make a positive impact everyday contributing to the overall good, so our approach is in line with the vision of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The last four years, our contributing volunteering teams have tripled resulting to the biggest human chain for social impact.

Our mission flows from our desire to do good for society. On a daily basis we focus on building positive and long-lasting relationships with public and private sector, non-profit organizations, rescue teams, scouts, companies, schools, universities, cultural institutions, administrative agencies, local communities and volunteers in order to mobilize them to contribute for positive social impact, reduction of the environmental footprint, promotion of environment friendly practices and overall awareness raising. Volunteering Program inspires the community and ensures the active contribution of  the volunteers, runners, spectators and sponsors rendering the Athens Marathon the Authentic an environment friendly event for the international running movement.

We aim to build a Program that is admired and trusted by society through ensuring that all stakeholders, including volunteers selected to be members of our team, recognize our sustainable policies and goals set. Carbon neutrality, plastic recycling, sneakers and clothing collection to be given a second life contributing to the relief of the humanitarian crisis are only a few of the initiatives undertaken. We are transparent about our activities through the years, increasing trust with the public, and strengthening cooperation across a broad range of stakeholders.

Athens Marathon. The Authentic Volunteering Program aims to constitute a Social Responsible Program respected and welcomed by all. Come join our dynamic human chain of impact HERE!