Adidas, the best sports brand in the world that constantly defines the trends of Running, is the official sponsor of Sports apparel for the Authentic Marathon and the Athens Half-Marathon. Adidas’ support on the largest running events is based on the long-term and close cooperation with SEGAS as the official sponsor of Sports Apparel for the National Track & Field teams.

The innovative adidas products deliver high performance and many kilometers filled with energy. With the introduction of BOOST technology, adidas set the category standards on a new level and continues to drive the trends in Running especially for those who dare to follow. Through collaborations with world class athletes, influential runners, services and events which focus on the sport of Running, adidas reflects the rapidly growing number of people for whom Running consists of a fundamental part of their lifestyle. 


The Avra Mineral water of Coca-Cola HBC is for the 20th consecutive year the official Athens Marathon water, offering freshness and hydration to thousands of runners. The last 26 years, AVRA Mineral Water posseses special place in the heart of Greeks and with its support in a series of sport, social and environmental activities, offers to all the consumers what is the purest and most natural directly for the Achaia Mountains. For yet another year, we are "running" together with all SEGAS friends who are doing their best every year with key highlight the Athens Marathon. Good luck to all! 


POWERADE has a successful and long-term cooperation with SEGAS, as the Official Sport Drink of the Hellenic Athletics Federation, promoting the Sport Ideal”and the development of sports attitude in our country. In the framework of this cooperation, POWERADE, the No1 Sport Drink in Greece, supports the organization of the Athens Marathon fully covering the increased hydration needs of the Marathon runners. Over the last two years, POWERADE leads one more innovative activity, creating the POWERADE Team, inviting the employees and partners of Coca-Cola Hellas, to participate in the 5km road race, engaging a more active way of life.


 Chiquita bananas are the official fruit of Athens Marathon. Rich in potassium, dietary fibers & vitamins C & B6, they are ideal for sports and especially for the ones that require extreme endurance like the Marathon race. Chiquita bananas help athletes to remain physically & mentally fit. The strict selection criteria, its great taste and premium quality constitute Chiquita’s brand name symonymus to bananas, because as we say... “Chiquita. Like bananas”!


National Bank of Greece is supporting, for yet another year, the largest running event in Greece, the Athens Authentic Marathon, as an official sponsor of SEGAS, recognizing the importance of sports and the principle of fair play as key pillars of positive culture in general.

SEGAS, the oldest and most historical sports federation in Greece, and NBG, the oldest and most historical bank of Greece, join forces for the 5th consecutive year to disseminate to all of us the unique principles of this international sports event.  

NBG employees have embraced from the outset this great sporting and cultural festival; the corporate “i-run” team imparts the benefits of physical exercise to physical and mental well-being.

As named sponsor of the Kids Race, the Bank encourages young people to seek inspiration in the principles of fair play, resolve and dedication and to fight for a better future.





For more than 155 years, Ygeias Pavlides has been the chocolate that is loved by both young and old people, with the same recipe and packaging since the very first day of its presence. The No.1 bitter chocolate in Greece, with its authenticity and unsurpassed quality, is always there for us at the most beautiful and special moments of our life. Following our tradition, the chocolate Ygeias Pavlides is part of Greece with values deeply rooted in its history.

Ygeias Pavlides is produced by the chocolate factory Pavlides, which for 170 years has been a guarantee for chocolate products of exceptional quality and taste that are enjoyed daily by millions of consumers in Greece. However, the most important fact is that even so many generations later, the chocolate factory Pavlides continues to operate based on the same timeless values, combining long-standing tradition with high know-how and aiming at ultimate consumer satisfaction.