Welcome to the 40th Athens Marathon. The Authentic!


2day event (SATURDAY: 11/11/2023 &  SUNDAY: 12/11/2023)


Our Volunteering Program aims to raise community awareness, strengthen community engagement and collaboration resulting to our overall Social Sustainability.  We would like to warmly thank you for your interest in our Volunteering Program.

We are grateful for your support: Just a minute (1’) of your time is all it takes to register and be part of our ever-evolving and extended Volunteer family! The Volunteering Program of AMA attracts, trains, supports, allocates and coordinates all volunteers, whether they participate individually or as members of a group / club. We support all runners and guests by delivering high-quality services during the exciting event days and parallel activities (pre-race period).

 Success lies in TEAMWORK.  


When you register to volunteer with us, we ask you to honor these standards of conduct:

  • Conduct yourself as a friendly, responsible, informative, and respectful representative of AMA Volunteers Team.
  • Treat everyone with respect and courtesy.
  • Refrain from public criticism of participants and other volunteers.
  • Refrain from the use of insulting, harassing, or otherwise offensive language while volunteering, including in social media postings of any kind.
  • The use of  alcohol and tobacco are prohibited at all AMA events.
  • Be punctual & Follow the directions of your team captain.



-Εach volunteer, participates to the organization with his own will.
Volunteers of the event are considered all those who have submitted the online application and have received a response placement message 7-10 days before the event.

-By submitting the application, the volunteers fully accept all the terms.
-The personal information stated by the volunteer when submitting the entry form is completely true. All adults and minors of (15y. old -High School and above) can be admitted to the AMA volunteering program as long as they participate through a school or official volunteer group or as long as they are accompanied by an adult volunteer (guardian). In this case the application is submitted by the group leader or the parent / guardian exercising parental responsibility, who accepts these terms and participates himself / herself.
-In case the application / participation statement is submitted by a third party, it is considered that the participant agrees to the provision of his personal data to SEGAS and the Organizing Committee of the Race through the third person.
-With the application form the participant agrees that his data is processed for the purposes of the race. Any other processing of personal data of the volunteer, is done only with the consent of the data subject for the specific purpose stated.
-The volunteers of the event consent to be photographed during their volunteer shift by certified photographers of the event and the Official Photo Agency of the event, as well as to take their picture during the videotaping, videotaping, or other visual recording of the event. Volunteers at the event agree to the use of these downloads and their reproduction in conjunction with their first and last name. The relevant commercial rights from the above belong exclusively to SEGAS and the participants have no right of ownership over the above photographic or other shots, nor the right to full or partial compensation for this reason.
-Volunteers at the event consent to the use of their image obtained during their duties by the organizers, sponsors or other collaborators of the event for the purpose of publicity and future promotion, without any right to full or partial compensation for this reason.
-SEGAS and O.C cover with civil liability insurance in case of accident the volunteers during their duties and within the installation of these events.
-During the volunteer shift, they wear the volunteer's shirt so that the word 'Volunteer' is visible and is distinct and recognizable by the runners and the spectators.
-During the volunteer shift, they always wear the accreditation that defines the place and the point of voluntary employment.
-During the volunteer shift they are presented in the position they have been placed and no one is allowed to change their position deliberately at the time of the games. Change of position is done only in consultation with the Volunteering Program Office.
-During the volunteer shift, they follow the instructions of the team leader of the voluntary station.
-During the volunteer shift, they sign 2 times (upon arrival and upon departure)-guided by the volunteer leader of each station. Each volunteer should inform about absence or delay of arrival. Without a signature the volunteer is considered absent.
-The receipt of clothing and accreditation is done only by presenting an identity card or other legal identification document. In order to receive them on behalf of another volunteer, you can do so only if the volunteering office has been informed by e-mail and send the identity card and a validated authorization.
-Accreditation is personal, non-transferable and concerns the presence of the volunteer in the specific placement of voluntary employment.
-In case of impediment, the accreditation must be delivered to the office of the Volunteering Program. A new accreditation is issued to the replacement volunteer.
-The material managed by the volunteers during their shift in all areas of the event belongs to SEGAS and is available according to the instructions of the group's leader.
-All volunteers accept that their personal data is provided to the Insurance Company -which SEGAS cooperates in the context of the race- in order to insure all volunteers in the event of an accident during the race. The use of materials is done according to the instructions set by the Organizing Committee and only for the purposes of the event .
-Certificate of participation will be received digitally by clicking on the specially designed field on our website (Volunteering> Certificate of Participation) 35-40 days after the event - all those who have successfully completed the shift and have signed off to the record maintained by the team leader of each station. In case of double placement, they must sign both records in a similar way.
-The Organizing Committee may schedule morning and afternoon volunteer shifts where it deems necessary.
-Participation in the Volunteer Program does not in any way constitute a job offer nor can it establish a claim for remuneration. It is only a voluntary offer of services in the context of the success of the goals of the event.
-The participants in the event "ATHENS MARATHON. THE AUTHENTIC "understand and accept that there is a potential health risk related to their participation in group activities such as the organization of the Athens Marathon. They choose to register and participate in this Race having a full understanding of this risk, and therefore the Organizing Committee of the Race and SEGAS do not bear any responsibility in case of damage to their health.


We remain at your disposal.

Volunteering Program "Athens Marathon. The Authentic."

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