1. I am a high school student. Can I become a volunteer at the Athens Authentic Marathon?
Sure, you can. High-School students (15 and above) can participate through their school or an official volunteering group that participates in the Volunteering Program of the event. High school students can participte individually if companied by an adult volunteer.

2. When can I submit the volunteer application form for the Athens Authentic Marathon?
The volunteer application form will be available on the website.

3. How can I help with the organization?
Please check the information available at “Volunteering Sections”. After reading carefully please get in touch with us as we would love to hear from you and answer all the questions you may have!

4. Can I choose the position to which I will be assigned?
The volunteer opportunities aim to cover the needs of the road Races and support the overall strategic planning of the event. We strive to keep up with your preference upon completing the application if and when it is possible based on the conditions, parameters and limitations that exist in every opportunity / employment field and provided that you indicate it clearly in your volunteer application form, in the field "Name of other volunteer or group you wish to be together at the same station", and as long as that this specific position is available. 

5. Can I be assigned at the same station with my friends?
Yes, provided that you indicate it clearly in the volunteer application form, in the field "Name of other volunteer or group you wish to be together at the same station".
6. How will I be informed about the position assigned?
You will receive an e-mail with all relevant information of the specific position 7-15 days prior to the race.

7. When will I know if I have been selected as a volunteer?
About 2,5 weeks before the event, we will let you know if you have been selected as a volunteer and the area where you will offer your services.

8. I received the event's T-shirt, but eventually I did not participate in the event on the day of the Race. Also, I had not informed the organizer that I was not able to participate. Will there be any problem?
Yes, failure to show up will create an irreplaceable void at the position to which you have been assigned and will not have been filled in time.

9. How much time do I have to commit on the day of the event?
Time depends on the volunteer opportunity and the shift (morning or afternoon). Each shift lasts about 5-6 hours depending on position.

10. Is it compulsory to remain in the position to which I have been assigned until the end?
Volunteering is not something you do out of obligation. It is essential and absolutely necessary to complete the task you choose to perform respecting your assigned team.

11. Will I attend any training before participating in the event?
Yes. By contacting the Volunteering Program we will provide available slots to arrange an informative training session.

12. Can I run one of the races and offer my services as a volunteer thereafter?
Yes, gladly enough. We are now a 2-day event which means you could run one day and volunteer the other day as long as you register and apply the soonest possible. Our Volunteering Program's team will do its best to provide the best possible option for your volunteering commitment.

13. What happens if I don't show up on the day of the event?
Failure to show up on the day of the Race will create an irreplaceable void at the position to which you have been assigned, since no one will be able to replace you at that time.

14. I have submitted a volunteer application form but something came up and I would like to cancel my participation. Do I need to inform someone and when?
You should definitely inform the Volunteering Program as soon as possible - a minimum of 2 weeks notice period is required in order for a replacement to be found.

15. I cannot be there on the day of the Race. However, I want to help during the days before the Race, will I be able to do so?
Volunteers must be available on the days of the Race. ONLY volunteers who will be present on the day of the Race will receive a Certificate of Participation in the event.

16. May I be replaced by a friend or an acquaintance, should I fail to show up?
No. As a preventive measure, all volunteers are insured - using the information contained in their application forms - by the insurance company that insures the staff of the organizer. In the event of an accident, the "non-volunteer" will not be covered by health care insurance.

17. I am a volunteer at the event. Can I bring my children with me on the day of the Race?
On the day of the event, many of the areas where the races take place are overcrowded; therefore your children would need appropriate supervision. If you wish to bring your children with you, it is preferable to choose a support station to offer your services where the environment is relatively safer and you would also need to fill in your child's application form.

18. What should I wear on the day of the event?
All volunteers must wear our official Volunteer T-shirt of the event and their personalised accreditation. It is recommended to wear comfortable shoes.

19. Is there a personal items storage area available on the day of the event?
No, there is no personal items storage area and all volunteers are prompted to carry only the items that are absolutely necessary for personal use.

20. If, on the day of the race, the weather is bad, rainy, will the race take place?
The race will take place under any weather conditions unless there are exceptional circumstances that require the delay, the postponement or the cancellation of the race.

21. If the T-shirt sent by the organizer gets lost or ruined, can I replace it with another?
No, it is the responsibility of the volunteer to keep the T-shirt of the event intact until the day of the race.

22. After the event, do I have to return the clothes and the accreditation that I have received?
No. Whatever you receive is a souvenir of the event for its participants - given the fact that you were present and have signed off upon departure.

23. Do I need to have specific skills or qualificationsin order to become a volunteer?
You would need to have an ''open heart - mind - personality'' and respect for yourself and your teammates. Devotion and positive attitude are key since requirements vary from position to position, however, for many volunteer positions, fluency in English and eagerness to acquire new experiences is essential. 
24. To apply for a volunteering position at the Athens Authentic Marathon, do I have to stay in Athens or originate from Athens?
No, as long as you arrange your accommodation in Athens yourselves. Besides, volunteers who participate in the event come from all over Greece.

25. How can I be sure that I receive the e-mails sent by the Volunteering Program?
The Volunteering Program occasionally sends group e-mails. Please be aware that several e-mail service providers and spam filters redirect our e-mails to the Spam / Junk mail folders of the users or even prevent their receipt. For this reason we advise you to monitor both your e-mail and your spam folder. If you need further assistance please get in touch with us.

26. Will I receive a participation certificate after the completion of the event?
Yes, provided that you have participated on the day of the race and that your team leader has recorded your presence. Approximately 35-40 days after the end of the event, you will be able to print out your participation certificate online (Volunteering Program >> Certificate of Participation). Instructions on the printing of the certificate will be sent by e-mail.