Dear volunteers,

Thank you!!!

Our thanks seem so small compared to the thousands of thanks that we got from our runners, the main recipients of your hugs and warm smiles that you generously offered to this Marathon!!!

Their words are your reward!!!

…. Thank you very much for the perfect organization.

Probably, the best organization I have ever seen.

And I have run many marathons everywhere in Europe.

A big thank you to the volunteers... :)

(runner from France)


…Thank you!


I would like to send a special thanks to all volunteers, especially the young people who have devoted their time, with careful gestures, always respectful and polite. I would like to thank those in the crowd who encouraged and applauded us. I would like to thank the Greek people for their hospitality, something that I have not seen anywhere before, even in Italy.

(runner form Italy)


…. A great event that worth the trip.

Please thank your team on my behalf for the very well planned and organized race….

(runner from USA)


... Good morning and congratulations once again for the excellent organization of our National Race......Unfortunately, this year, I did not manage to finish the race, but I had the opportunity to see things from another perspective. Somewhere in the 36km of the race I felt really tired and I stopped on the roadside ...Volunteers of the race were constantly beside me, asking me if I need their help..... Upon my exit from the hospital, volunteers were once more by my side ......I would like to ask you, if possible, to thank on my behalf the Police, the Ambulance Service, the Hospital, the Volunteers and the people working for the organization who helped me .......It is an honor for Greece to organize such a good race and to have such worthy people to help with this…

(runner from Greece)


We will be happy to work with you again during the 5th Half Marathon of Athens that will take place on March 20, 2016.

Volunteering Program

“Athens Authentic Marathon”