Dear Volunteers ,

Clothing and Accreditation center is located in an office next to SEGAS offices, at Syngrou AV. 137, 3rd floor.

Time and days :

Tuesday Nov. 6, 10.00am-19.30pm

Wednesday Nov. 7, 10.00am-19.30pm

Thursday Nov. 8, 10.00am-19.30pm

Friday Nov. 9, 10.00am-20.00pm

Kindly note!!!

Saturday Nov. 10,  we will deliver clothing and material only upon agreement/e-mail communication, to volunteers coming from abroad or cities outside Athens.

individual participation

- Volunteers should present identification document (ID, driving licence, passport)

- Volunteers placed in the field of play, under Mr. Provatas, should present a passport size fotograph, in order to attach it to accreditation card. (they will all receive e-mail on Nov. 5)

- Η γενική ενημέρωση θα γίνεται κάθε μέρα τις ώρες 10.30-11.00, 13.00-13.30, 16.00-16.30 και 18.30-19.00

teams and voluntary groups, a message will be sent Monday Nov. 5.

- Students from University of Sparti: Delivery date is Saturday Nov. 10 as per agreement with Professor Vrondou.

transportation with public means (bus, tram, metro) the day of AMA, we are looking forward to OASA ATH.ENA TICKET. In the case that they are not delivered in the office by Tuesday morning, you can collect them on Sunday from the volunteer kiosk.


We wish you all a wonderful volunteer day!!!!