The Volunteer Programme of “Athens Marathon. The Authentic” (AMA) has been established in order to support every single runner. Over the years, it has evolved into delivering high-quality services to all runners during the event as a whole; from their arrival to the Registration Centre, throughout their race from start to finish line to enhance their difficult effort to achieve their goals and until their departure from the event.

In this context, the Volunteer Programme of AMA assembles, trains and coordinates all volunteers, whether they participate individually or as members of a group / club.

By participating, each volunteer becomes a part of the multiannual History of the Authentic Marathon and connects his name with the biggest athletic race competition that takes place in Greece on an annual basis. 

It is a great pleasure to see the number of volunteers growing each year and that each one of them does his best to spread volunteering values to his generation and to next generations as well. Schools, clubs, scouts and other groups participate every year and live unique moments of joy, offer and creation.

We asked volunteers of AMA why they participate every year in this event…

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"I participate as a volunteer of AMA because…

  … I like to offer, in any way possible”

… each and every time, there is a new experience!”

… it is simply awesome!”

… I want to share my life creatively!”

… I become part of the history of the Race!”

… I am a human being and really love the other human beings”

… this is a unique experience!”

… I want a new and better world and brand new and better humans!”

... I will never forget the runner who told me ‘Hello again!!!’